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Per Honorable Congresswoman Sheila-Jackson Lee, the "Cinderella Affair Ball for Seniors" is now known as the nations 'Only' Cinderella Affair Ball for Seniors in the United States.

Congratulations Mayor Sandra Massie Hines!

On August 8, 2019, Sunnyside Honorary Mayor Sandra Massie Hines created, coordinated and presented a one of a kind event made for the history books. 

Mrs. Hines is well-known throughout the city of Houston and abroad for her unwavering dedication of assistance to senior citizens, distressed families and children. She's a humanitarian and avid civil rights activist. Her hard work in the communities provides food and necessities for senior citizens, the homeless, widows, orphans and whoever is in need of substance.


She's a prayer warrior and obedient servant of God, that conducts back office meetings at various churches and elsewhere with: US Congressional Members, State Representatives, City of Houston Employees, Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, Houston City Council Members, Houston Community College, Pastors, other Community Leaders and agencies to inform them of what is of great importance for the residents of Houston. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what Mrs. Hines offers daily to those in need. Every meeting bares great results and implementation of the discussed ideas.

Rep. Ron Reynolds presented Mrs. Hines with the Texas State Flag that flew over the Texas House of Representatives. Congressman Al Green and Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee presented her with formal Congressional Acknowledgements. Representatives from the Vietnamese community came baring gifts of thanks as well.  

It was a day of reflection for Mrs. Hines to look back over a year of all the work she has done thus far. Unselfishly, she would not have it any other way if she would not be able to honor the seniors she willingly serves year round.  

I was both honored and humbled by her request to attend and participate in this extravagant affair. I love her for who she is and her purpose in life. As before, I gladly accepted her invitation. Thank you kindly Mrs. Hines!


A lot of hard work was involved with her wonderful, dedicated team of volunteers, and staff. The venue was transformed perfectly for a Cinderella Affair. Delicious catered food was served to the attendees by The Church of Latter Day Saints. Entertainment music was provided by my son Jason Rudison aka DJ J RUDA. Pianist Terry Jackson played for Cinderella's Royal Procession. Acapella solo sung by Queen Mrs. Rosemary McCray and live performance by JABO the Texas Prince of Zydeco & Blues. Great job to all that was involved! Teamwork makes the dream work.


You could feel the love and reverential respect in the entire building. It was dozens of Amen's all day long as the distinguished speakers took to the podium.

Later in the day, we celebrated with dance and cheer.


Lastly, but most importantly: There were times when so many people voluntarily voiced their sincere testimonies to me; speaking of all the goodness and changes made in their lives that Mayor Sandra Massie Hines has given to them, and she continues to do so. It was very heartfelt.

May God continue to bless you and guide you for HIS flock!

All in all... The Cinderella Affair Ball for Seniors was a magnificent success! 

To GOD Be The Glory! 

Sunnyside Multi-Service Center was beautifully converted into a elegant ballroom to receive the honorees, dignitaries and invited guests. Decorations provided by: Mrs. Ida Armstrong "AllPhase Kreation" and Jazmyn Rushing.

Mayor Sandra Massie Hines aka Houston's Own Cinderella was escorted to the Ball by none other than the Honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston, Texas.

He found her glass slipper!

Honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner of the city of Houston, Texas presented Honorary Mayor Sandra Massie Hines with a well deserving Proclamation from the City of Houston.


Cinderella Affair Program

Cinderella Affair Ball for Seniors 2019
Cinderella Affair Ball for Seniors 2019
Cinderella Affair Ball for Seniors-2019
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